Force Field Technologies X

We are FFTX, a solution to change out old carbon fueled dryers with new ForceField Tech. By reducing pollution to ZERO, you can be part of the revolution to change global industries into a greener future.

...based on changing out existing large dryers with new ForceField dryers. Companies are already paying $millions per year for carbon fuel, which will now be pushed as dividends to our NFT holders. Each of the 4 Tiers...

How It Works

InvestInvest in a Dryer NFT
TransferAccess to your NFT details & ability to transfer NFTs
DividendsReceive Dividends

Why Invest With Us

ForceField Technology (FFT) uses electricity to dry wet material with a new energy pattern, eliminating our dependence on natural gas, diesel and propane. Simultaneously, our patented tech also delivers a quality+efficient drying process that retains all the nutritional value in grains and food. The funds generated by our crowdfunding NFT will deploy the first dryer into 1 of 7 sites that need FFT and will pay for Drying as a Service (DaaS).
Profit generated from the DaaS model is deposited directly into our valuable NFT holders’ accounts. Currently, it costs $20-$35/ton to dry material with carbon fuel, which will be transferred to FFTX once the new dryer is operational. The company receives a “Free” dryer, and benefits from lowering their carbon score and higher quality product. With this business model, FFTX can make an economic sustainable impact for their NFT holders from the revenues of real world services.
FFTX has lined up many prospective companies around the world that wish to use our technology to dry their material, from corn to coffee, alfalfa to raisins, and vegetable proteins to sawdust. Through profit sharing, we can accelerate our install process, alleviate bottlenecks, improve material acquisition and ultimately, allow us to expedite our tech into the field. Join FFTX today and be part of the most exciting new company that rewards its members that get in first. Only those invested in the first offering will have first access to other opportunities.